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Insurgent Chapter 5

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Chapter 5

  • Tris follows Marcus to the water filtration building. All of Caleb's talk about water filtration will surely come in handy, right?
  • Not really. It just serves as a setting for Tris to confront Marcus.
  • Tris also, for a brief moment, wonders if older women find Marcus hot, kind of like how our grandmother still has the hots for Robert Redford.
  • Marcus and Tris argue like two twelve-year-olds (seriously, we're surprised there's no hair pulling), and Marcus tells Tris nothing.
  • That night, Tris crawls into Tobias's bed after a bad dream in which a crow pecks Will's corpse. Tris and Tobias get their hot-and-heavy make-out on.
  • There's nothing like a hot make-out sesh to remind you of your dead parents. ("Kissing you reminds me of my dead father!" Yeah, that's kind of nasty.) Tris starts crying, and Tobias tries to comfort her.
  • Tobias even tells Tris that he loves her, but she's too sleepy to respond.

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