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Insurgent Chapter 8

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Chapter 8

  • The group jumps a train to return to the city, only to find out that the train car is filled with people: the factionless.
  • One of the factionless is Edward, the man who left Dauntless after Peter stabbed him with a butter knife. Yeah, that would be embarrassing.
  • All the factionless want to throw Tris and company from the train as though they're Billy Crystal's Momma, but Tobias reveals that he is Tobias Eaton, and therefore a Very Important Person.
  • The factionless decide to take him to their headquarters because someone there wants to meet him. Who could it be? (Please be Kate Middleton, please be Kate Middleton.)
  • It's not Kate Middleton. It's not even Kate Beckinsale. It's Evelyn.
  • Who the heck is Evelyn, you ask? Well, Evelyn is Tobias's mother. The one whose funeral Tris remembers. Looks like she never really died. What is this, Days of Our Lives?
  • While Evelyn, Tobias, and Tris have an icy reunion (someone crank up the thermostat, please), Caleb notices the map marking all the factionless safe houses. They have more safe houses than Donald Trump has apartment buildings.
  • Evelyn reveals that the factionless are twice the size of Dauntless.
  • Tobias and Tris follow her, and Tobias says that he hates her not because she cheated on his dad, but because she left Tobias with him.

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