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Insurgent Chapter 9

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Chapter 9

  • Tris shares a can of beans with the factionless, wondering how many diseases are spreading by eating from the same can. Come on: it's not like you're eating off a toilet seat, girl.
  • Tobias and Edward bicker about factions until Tris falls asleep by the fire.
  • Tris wakes up when she hears Evelyn and Tobias talking.
  • Evelyn reveals that Caleb was wrong about the chart. The chart isn't documenting factionless safe houses; it's documenting the Divergent.
  • Tris also reveals that she wants to usurp Erudite from the government and establish a society without factions. "I imagine it will involve a high level of destruction" (9.77), she says.
  • Tris thinks "I crave destruction" (9.77). And cake, Tris. Don't forget that you always crave cake.
  • Evelyn suggests that Tobias become important so that he can influence Dauntless.
  • Tobias returns to sleep. Tris wants to tell him that she doesn't trust Evelyn, but she doesn't want him to know that she was eavesdropping.

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