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Insurgent Choice

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The tagline for Divergent was "One Choice Can Transform You." The tagline for this one: "One Choice Can Destroy You."

Yikes. That's morbid, huh? The tension in Insurgent is cranked up to eleven as most of the choices have serious—and sometimes deadly—consequences. To top it all off, Tris has way more choices to make in this book than in the last one, so her chances of being destroyed are pretty great.

So, will Tris stay with her faction or change allegiance? Will she forget factions altogether? Will she work with Tobias or with Marcus? Will she prefer Dauntless cake or mashed potato sandwiches? The wrong choice can be fatal.

Questions About Choice

  1. Why does Tris choose to go with Marcus instead of Tobias in the end? Do you think she made the right choice?
  2. What do you think is the most difficult choice Tris has to make in Insurgent?
  3. Why does Tobias choose to align with his mother, Evelyn, instead of his father, Marcus? Do you think he made the right choice?
  4. Think of the tagline for the book. What choices end up destroying people?

Chew on This

Despite everything we're saying about the importance of choice, Tris's choices actually have no meaning whatsoever. Everything important is being controlled by the adults behind the scenes, like Evelyn and Jeanine.

This is a society that tries to eliminate choice by putting people into factions and making them stay there. Any choice is viewed as the wrong choice by these people.

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