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Insurgent Rules

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Sometimes the divided city feels like a really elaborate game. Everyone is divided up into five different teams, or factions, and forced to battle it out. Could everyone just be LARPing really hardcore?

The rules define everyone's lifestyles. (Or do their lifestyles define the rules?) The Abnegation are expected to be selfish. The Dauntless are brave. The Erudite are brainy, to a fault. The Amity are all sunshine and butterflies, and the Candor are brutally honest.

In Insurgent, some people in this world think the rules work just fine (those are usually the ones who are winning), some throw a hissy fit (those would generally be the losers), while others want to hit reset and start the game over.

Questions About Rules

  1. What new rules do you learn in Insurgent that you didn't know from Divergent?
  2. Do people always obey the rules of their faction? What happens when they don't?
  3. Do the rules of the faction system make sense to you? If not, how would you change them?

Chew on This

The city is a good place to live because the rules define every aspect of life. It's like having a built-in etiquette manual for every situation.

Or, the city is a terrible place to live because the rules go against human nature. The more it is controlled, the more likely people are to rebel.

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