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Interview with the Vampire Manipulation

By Anne Rice

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"When [Lestat] had finished speaking, no other decision was possible for me." (1.74)

From this statement, it sounds like Lestat is quite the salesman. If he can convince Louis that becoming a vampire is a good idea, he could sell ice to a penguin.

"You can rule the plantation and you can save it. All that is required is that you let no one convince you otherwise." (1.195)

Okay, this isn't exactly negative, but Louis does manipulate Babette into taking control of her plantation. If he hadn't, she might have let the place decay into ruins after the death of her brother, simply because females weren't supposed to be able to run anything. Louis is manipulating gender roles here.

"[Louis] was going to go away. But now he's not. Because he wants to stay and take care of you and make you happy." (1.398)

Claudia is a product of revenge-based manipulation. She is the personification of Lestat's desire for revenge against Louis, who wanted to leave him. No wonder this relationship doesn't work out well.

"I no longer find [Lestat] charming. And you never have. And we've been his puppets, you and I; you remaining to take care of him, and I your saving companion. Now's time to end it, Louis. Now's time to leave him." (1.496)

One thing any daughter is good at is twisting her father around her little finger. Even though Claudia and Louis aren't your traditional father-daughter pairing, Claudia has the "manipulating Dad" part down perfectly.

"[Claudia] remained undisturbed by [Lestat's] caustic outbursts, sometimes asking the same question over and over again in different ways." (1.503)

This is Claudia's way of manipulating Lestat into being even angrier and crazier than he already is. This is the vampire version of "Are we there yet? Are we there yet? Are we there yet? Are we…"

"Louis, you must help me get him out of here!" (1.618)

Once Claudia kills Lestat, she has to convince Louis to help her dispose of the body. Manipulation is one of Claudia's greatest strengths. Because she's trapped in a five-year-old's body, that's the only agency she has (or thinks she has).

"'Live with us and such disguise is unnecessary. We have our guards. And tell me, where do you come from?'" (3.210)

Santiago appeals to Claudia and Louis, saying that he can offer them safety, but he really just wants information to confirm his suspicions: that they killed their maker. If he can prove it, he can kill them.

"'Louis, you must never return to him. I tell you, I'm in danger!'" (3.248)

Louis thinks that Claudia is manipulating him here. He's used to her doing that. The sad truth is that she actually is in danger from Armand and his association with the Théâtre des Vampires. Louis doesn't realize it until it's too late. It's impossible to determine what the truth is when people are lying and manipulating each other all the time.

"'You must never force me to do something against my will! You must never exert such power...'" (3.459)

Louis gives Armand an ultimatum, even though he never gets to the "or else..." part. It's just part of a pseudo-psychotic vampire's nature to manipulate people, we guess. Oh, wait, we forgot: people do it, too.

"'You let her go, you free her... and I will... I'll return to you.'" (3.517)

Louis is trying to manipulate Lestat into freeing Claudia, but Lestat isn't buying it. This may be due to the fact that Lestat is a master manipulator, and he knows that Louis was never any good at it. Hey, is it a bad thing not to be a good liar?

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