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The Boy in Interview with the Vampire

By Anne Rice

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The Boy

The title of this book is Interview with the Vampire, right? So who is interviewing him? Diane Sawyer? A shirtless Geraldo Rivera

Try none of the above—unless Geraldo refused to give his name, but we're pretty sure that's never happened. The interviewer is only called "the boy" throughout the entire book (though he is named Daniel Molloy in a later Vampire Chronicles novel). He's a flat character, existing only to give Louis someone to talk to. He might as well talk to an Anderson Cooper cardboard cutout, though we wouldn't let him borrow ours.

At the end, though, the boy shocks Louis when he asks him to turn him into a vampire. Louis's response is basically: Were you not paying attention over the last 400 pages? But the boy is representative of most of people, who would do anything for eternal life. Sure, Louis says it's terrible, but you can only know how bad something is if you live through it. After hearing Louis's story, would you want to be a vampire?

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