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Interview with the Vampire Hate

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Hate might seem like an obvious choice of theme for a book about vampires. They drink the blood of people, killing them. Of course they're filled with hate, right?

Well, they are. But not in the way you'd think. In Interview with the Vampire, most of them—Louis excluded—enjoy the hunt and the kill. In their own twisted way, they love their victims. They just hate everyone else. If you've ever spent a long weekend with your friends and been annoyed with them by the time Sunday rolls around, you kind of know how this feels. Imagine being with them, day in, day out, for centuries. Try not to break your computer screen in frustration.

Questions About Hate

  1. Why do both Claudia and Louis hate Lestat so much? Do they hate him for the same reasons?
  2. Does Claudia hate Louis?
  3. Are some vampires, like Santiago, only able to hate? Are they capable of love?
  4. How does Interview with the Vampire show the connection between love and hate?

Chew on This

We see that many of the older vampires in the Théâtre des Vampires are driven by hate. Perhaps there comes a point in any vampire's life when he or she gets fed up and turns to hate. It's easier to hate than to love.

Lestat and Louis switch places over the course of the book. In the beginning, Louis wants to love, while Lestat can only hate. By the end, Louis has turned to hate (he slaughters the vampires and turns away from Armand), and Lestat is struggling to find love.

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