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Interview with the Vampire Lust

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Anne Rice isn't just famous for vampires. She's also famous for erotica, the kind that would make Fifty Shades author E.L. James blush. Although Rice wrote her famous erotica trilogy after writing Interview with the Vampire, it's evident that she was flexing those muscles in this book.

Vampires don't just get the blood flowing—they get the blood flowing. They are still mostly human, and they have needs and desires beyond the thirst for blood.

Questions About Lust

  1. How is a vampire's lust for blood erotic in nature?
  2. Besides blood, what else do vampires lust for?
  3. Is lust what sets apart the modern vampires (like Louis, Claudia, and Armand) from the Revenants?

Chew on This

Eternity is a long time to spend tethered to one particular gender. Rice's vampires are experimental, and it's not unusual for Louis to love Babette and Armand in the same way.

Claudia is extra tormented because she has the lustful feelings of an adult, but she's trapped inside a five-year-old girl's body.

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