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Interview with the Vampire Manipulation

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Vampires are like cats. They like to toy with their victims, their masters, and with others. When you live forever, you have to find some way to entertain yourself, and what better way than to play with the emotions of others?

In Interview with the Vampire,This penchant for manipulation gives the vampires a reputation as being cold and cruel, even to Louis, who is a vampire himself. Louis might be the sole exception, the vampire who actually values truth and honesty. But who knows? Maybe this Interview is just one giant manipulation, and he is manipulating us.

Questions About Manipulation

  1. Lestat and Louis have one of the most dishonest relationships in literature. Why does Lestat prefer manipulation over honesty?
  2. What tactics does Claudia use to manipulate Louis?
  3. Armand seems to be able to telepathically influence the thoughts of others. How else does he manage to manipulate people?

Chew on This

Lestat enjoys manipulating people because he doesn't have anything better to do. It's not like he has a sparkling personality.

Claudia has to manipulate people because, as a five-year-old, she doesn't have any other agency.

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