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Interview with the Vampire The Supernatural

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The Supernatural

In Interview with the Vampire,Anne Rice is the Mythbuster of vampire lore. Myth: Vampires can be killed by a stake to the heart. Busted! Myth: Vampires are frightened away by crucifixes and other items of a religious nature. Busted! Myth: Vampires wear all black and sulk in dark corners…

Okay, Rice doesn't exactly bust that one. Some of her vampires actually prefer the monochromatic look. But Anne busts tons of other myths, dragging her vampires kicking and screaming from the Dark Ages into the (electric) light, creating a new vampire for a new millennium.

Questions About The Supernatural

  1. How does Anne Rice redefine vampire lore?
  2. How are Anne Rice's vampires similar to other vampires you're familiar with?
  3. Does Louis have any preconceived notions about what it's like to be a vampire? How is his experience similar to or different from that of other vampires in the book?
  4. Could you imagine other supernatural creatures in this world? Werewolves, angels, mummies?

Chew on This

Anne Rice changed vampire lore to set herself apart from all the vampire fiction that came before her. Now, vampire authors like Stephenie Meyer, Charlaine Harris, and Laurell K. Hamilton are riffing off her.

Or, if you're feeling grumpy: By watering down the vampire myth and making her vampires more Angel than Dracula, Anne Rice ruined vampires forever and gave birth to generations of Goth teenagers. Basically, Hot Topic owes its existence to Anne Rice.

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