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The Invisible Man Chapter 12

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Chapter 12

The Invisible Man Loses His Temper

  • Talk about a cliffhanger! Instead of telling us what happens inside the Invisible Man's room, the narrator shifts his focus to the rest of the bar.
  • From the bar, Teddy Henfrey and Mr. Hall hear some weird goings-on in the room where the Invisible Man was staying.
  • They start to investigate, but Mrs. Hall interrupts them, thinking that Mr. Hall and Henfrey are just spying on Cuss and Bunting for fun. And as we know, that's her job.
  • At that moment, Huxter yells out about a thief and goes running off after the man in the shabby high hat. (Now we're back to where we were in Chapter 10.)
  • The people in the inn come out to see what Huxter is yelling about. They see Marvel running off and (for some reason) think that he's the Invisible Man (except, you know, visible). They all go running after Marvel, but just like Huxter, they all get tripped. Kind of a hilarious image (villager pile-up?) if you ask us.
  • At this point, Cuss comes out of the stranger's room in the inn, revealing that the Invisible Man stole his and Bunting's clothes. Bunting is actually trying to cover himself in a newspaper, which a hilarious little detail that we love to picture.
  • Once again, the Invisible Man starts beating people up and breaking things: "his temper, at no time very good, seems to have gone completely at some chance blow, and forthwith he set to smiting and overthrowing, for the mere satisfaction of hurting" (12.48). Everyone else, including Marvel, runs away.
  • Naturally, the Invisible Man breaks every window at the inn, cuts the telegraph cable, and does some other damage just for fun. Yikes.

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