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The Invisible Man Chapter 14

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Chapter 14

At Port Stowe

  • The next day, in Port Stowe, Marvel nervously waits on a bench, and ends up chatting with an elderly mariner (that is, a sailor). (This is the 1890s, so we're not sure how old "elderly" is.)
  • The sailor thinks he hears coins jingling in Marvel's pockets, though Marvel is clearly a moneyless tramp.
  • The old man tells Marvel all about this amazing Invisible Man that he read about in the newspaper. This isn't some crazy hoax from America, but a story about something going on in England for realzies.
  • The sailor thinks the story is believable because it comes equipped with names and details. (This is a lesson in how to lie to people: make sure you have some details. See our section on "Writing Style" for more on that.)
  • He also thinks that an invisible man would make a great thief since no one could see or stop him.
  • Marvel takes the opportunity to prove that he's kind of a dud: right before he tells the sailor that he knows the Invisible Man, he looks around. Does he expect to see the Invisible Man?
  • In any case, the Invisible Man is there and starts hurting Marvel (secretly). (Maybe it looks something like this.)
  • Marvel quickly covers his tracks, saying that the Invisible Man is just a hoax. Then he gets out of there quickly (or maybe he's pulled by the Invisible Man).
  • The sailor is annoyed at Marvel for letting him go on about this Invisible Man. But later, the sailor hears stories about a bunch of robberies and how people saw money just floating away.
  • After that, he realizes what had gone down on the bench in Port Stowe, and just how close he had been to the Invisible Man.

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