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The Invisible Man Chapter 2

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Chapter 2

Mr. Teddy Henfrey's First Impressions

  • Now we're introduced to Teddy Henfrey. He's a villager and a clockjobber, which might sound awesome, but it just means that he fixes clocks. Still awesome, we guess. At any rate, Henfrey makes his way to the Coach and Horses that afternoon.
  • Mrs. Hall wants Henfrey to fix a clock in the stranger's room. They enter his room without knocking, which is a bad idea whether your guest is a mad scientist or not. For a moment, Mrs. Hall thinks the stranger has a giant mouth, but he covers his face again.
  • The stranger tells Mrs. Hall that he would like to be left alone. See, he's an "experimental investigator" – which means scientist – and he's got some research that could be messed up by people entering whenever they want.
  • Also, he was in an accident, and his eyes are sensitive, which is why he's always covered and wearing his dark glasses. Wow, sounds like the stranger's got an answer for everything.
  • Mrs. Hall leaves Henfrey to fix the clock. Henfrey takes a long time with the clock on purpose, so that he can see more of the stranger. Looks like Henfrey could use a hobby. The stranger catches him wasting time, though, and tells him to finish up and get out.
  • Henfrey wonders what the man's secret is – maybe he's wanted by the police? On his way through the village, Henfrey runs into Mr. Hall and tells him, "You got a rum un up home!" (2.36). Translation: "there's a weird guy staying at your place."
  • This gets Mr. Hall a little suspicious. But he's also a little drunk (that's his hobby), so his wife tells him to mind his own business. Although, truth be told, Mrs. Hall is a little suspicious of the stranger herself.

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