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The Invisible Man Chapter 21

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Chapter 21

In Oxford Street

  • Griffin continues his story:
  • While he was still pretty excited to be invisible, he realized that invisibility had some drawbacks. For one thing, he couldn't see his feet, which made walking down stairs a little strange.
  • The fact that people couldn't see him had advantages and disadvantages.
  • Advantage: he got to pretend that a man's bucket was crazy.
  • Disadvantage: a man running to catch the bucket jammed his fingers into Griffin's neck.
  • Also, Griffin was always cold and started to get the sniffles. Oh, and a dog could totally find him.
  • Wandering around London, Griffin came across a Salvation Army march, which drew a crowd. Crowds are dangerous to Griffin, since he can't slip through them – people can feel him even if they don't see him.
  • He tried to get out of the way, but he had stepped in some mud and left muddy footprints. Some street urchins started to follow him, which is never good.
  • Then it started to snow and Griffin got tired of his adventure. Of course, he couldn't go home since he had set his apartment on fire (he probably should have thought of that before).
  • Back in Kemp's study, listening to this story, Kemp looks out the window. What is he looking for? What does he see? Kemp asks Griffin to go on.

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