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The Invisible Man Chapter 22

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Chapter 22

In the Emporium

  • Griffin continues his story. This is one invisible man who needs to get some stuff off his chest, apparently.
  • With a January snowstorm blowing in to London, Griffin needed to find a place to stay. He couldn't get into a house, so he decided to do the next best thing: go shopping.
  • Seriously, he went to a giant department store named Omniums. (Omniums isn't a real place, but there were department stores in England in the 1890s, though they were pretty new.)
  • Griffin waited until the place closed, then he started searching around for things he could use. He stole some food and clothes. Over by toys, he saw some fake noses, which started him thinking about wigs and other costume stuff that could help him pretend to be normal. Like Halloween all year.
  • He slept in the department store, living out every child's dream. Unfortunately, it wasn't as fun as you'd think: he had nightmares about being forced into his father's grave and buried because no one could see him.
  • Griffin woke up when the workers came back the next morning, and he almost got caught. The workers chased him around the store (they could see him because he was wearing clothes); but once again, Griffin took off his clothes to become invisible.
  • Since he couldn't steal clothes, Griffin had to leave the store with nothing – the sort of sad experience we all can empathize with.

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