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The Invisible Man Epilogue

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  • (Wells added this epilogue to the American edition, and it wasn't in the original magazine version.)
  • In the epilogue, we meet a man who owns an inn/bar in Port Stowe called "The Invisible Man." Turns out the bar owner is Marvel.
  • After the Invisible Man was killed, they couldn't prove whose money Marvel had, so Marvel got to keep it. He also got some money for doing a one-man show to tell about his experience with the Invisible Man.
  • Apparently, Kemp has been looking for Griffin's books, but Marvel tells people that he doesn't have them.
  • Lies! In fact, Marvel does have the books, and he looks at them sometime, though he can't figure out what Griffin wrote.
  • Marvel thinks sometimes about what he would do if he were invisible...
  • The book ends with the idea that those scientific notes hold "the subtle secret of invisibility and a dozen other strange secrets" (Epilogue.11). Sequel, anyone?

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