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Island of the Blue Dolphins Chapter 14

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Chapter 14

  • Karana can't leave her house for five days after hurting her leg. Eventually she decides she has to get out of the house to find water. She brings her weapons with her.
  • Karana has to crawl all the way to the ravine. On the way, the big bad wolf pack starts stalking her. The leader with the yellow eyes watches her. Fortunately, she makes it there in one piece and gets her fill of water.
  • Karana decides to stay in the cave by the spring until she fully recovers– "six suns," to be exact (14.13).
  • Karana starts to think of the cave as her second home – a place to go if she's sick. The walls are carved with pictures by her ancestors. The cave also has some deep wells for water.
  • After she feels better, Karana carves shelves into the walls of the cave, stocks the place with food and herbs, and makes herself a bed out of seaweed.
  • After finishing the work on her second house, Karana returns to the scene of the bull fight after she finishes working on her second home.  She finds a dead and defeated sea elephant and takes the teeth.

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