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Island of the Blue Dolphins Chapter 22

By Scott O'Dell

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Chapter 22

  • Karana doesn't take the necklace and goes to sleep.  After she wakes up, she hides and watches the cave.
  • Sure enough, Tutok appears and sees the necklace. She looks around at the cave and then walks away.
  • That's when Karana jumps to her feet and runs after the girl, shouting "Tutok."
  • Tutok reappears. Karana puts on the necklace for Tutok to admire it. Tutok says "wintscha." Karana says "win-tai," which means pretty in her own language (22.9).
  • The two point around to other things and trade names for them: the spring, birds, sun, and sky.
  • After the game, Tutok rises to go. Karana says good-bye and tells Tutok her name is Won-a-pa-lei, "Girl with the Long Black Hair" (22.12). She doesn't tell her about her secret name.
  • Tutok comes around several more days, and they laugh and play the trading game in the sun. On the third day, Karana tells Tutok her secret name: Karana.
  • On that night, Karana makes a special present for Tutok: a cool circlet for her hair, made out of abalone disks.
  • It takes her five nights, but eventually she finishes and can give it to Tutok.
  • Tutok says the circle is "wintscha" and hugs Karana (22.25).
  • One morning, Tutok doesn't come to the cave. Karana sleeps on the ledge that night, afraid the men might come for her. They don't.
  • The next day, Karana goes to the headland and sees the hunters packing up their ships. She assumes Tutok will come by, and even makes dinner for her. Her friend never appears, though.
  • At dawn, Karana sees the Aleut ship has left Coral Cove. No more Tutok!
  • Karana is happy to be able to leave the cave, finally, but she's sad that there will be no more games with Tutok, as now "the island seemed very quiet" (22.33).

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