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It Coming of Age

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Coming of Age

What happens when seven pre-teens team up to fight unspeakable evil?

They, um, grow up.

We're not going to touch the fact that Stephen King literalizes this coming-of-age with one of the most cringe-worthy scenes ever written—check out "Steaminess Rating" for more on that—but we will address the fact that everyone becomes older, sadder, and wiser by the end of this book. They also become, by and large, better: more caring, responsible, sober, and self-reliant.

Growing up, y'all. It's a double-edged sword.

Questions About Coming of Age

  1. Which Loser matures the most by the end of 1958? 
  2. How do the adult Losers further "come of age" during the 1985 section? 
  3. How would this book be different if it were about younger children? Older adults?

Chew on This

It can be read as a parable of the fears of adulthood; It is puberty.

It would be more interesting if it focused on the complex fears of adults rather than the simple fears of pre-adolescents.

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