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Derry, Maine.

Depending on whom you ask, it's a cute lil' hamlet, a great place to raise kids, a booming mid-size city, or…the mouth of hell.

And all of these aspects are intertwined. The same things that make it cute and prosperous and family-friendly—neighbors who mind their own business, a desire for privacy, a general out-of-the-way peacefulness, are exactly what let evil thrive there. Derryites don't adhere to the "see something, say something" ethos. They much prefer "see something, try to forget about it as quickly as possible."

Questions About Community

  1. How might It manifest differently if It was located in the sewers of New York City? Or out in a remote part of the Arctic tundra? 
  2. What is the worst characteristic of the average Derry citizen?
  3.  Why does Mike stay on in Derry? Shouldn't he want to leave? 
  4. What, besides the presence of It, contributes to Derry's sky-high bullying rate?

Chew on This

Derry is Everytown, USA. Its faults are pretty much the same faults you'd find anywhere else.

Derry is unusual—a cloistered, remote place that incubates hatred.

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