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It Fear

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Fear is It. It is Fear. These two concepts are as intertwined as rats in a rat king—and, coincidentally, all of them are disgusting and hang out in sewers.

It is an ancient, evil force that manifests as your worst nightmare. And that's a particular thing: if you're Richie, you might be afraid of werewolves and eyeballs. If you're Eddie, with Eddie's crazily hypochondriac mama, you'll be afraid of anything having to do with disease. If you were almost pecked to death as a baby, like Mike, you might be a tad fearful of birds.

Raw fear, y'all. It's how It rolls.

Questions About Fear

  • Which of the Losers is the most fearful? 
  • What does It say about the relationship of childhood to fear?
  • Why does It manifest as a giant spider?
  • How do the various Losers react to fear, and what does that say about their characters?

Chew on This

It proves that the old FDR quote is correct: we have nothing to fear but fear itself.

It is actually pretty easy to vanquish—you just need to be brave enough.

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