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Minor Characters Associated with the Knights Templar in Ivanhoe

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Minor Characters Associated with the Knights Templar


A squire serving the Knights Templar at Templestowe.

Herman of Goodalricke

One of the four Templar leaders present at Rebecca's trial; the other three are Albert Malvoisin, Conrade Mont-Fitchet, and, of course, Lucas Beaumanoir. Goodalricke really backs Bois-Guilbert into a corner by suggesting to Beaumanoir that he represent the Templar side in Rebecca's trial by combat.

Albert Malvoisin

Albert is Philip Malvoisin's brother and the leader of the Knights Templar community at Templestowe. He has no particular moral convictions, but he likes power. When Beaumanoir arrives and starts looking into Bois-Guilbert's behavior, Albert Malvoisin persuades him that the Order would be much better off if they put Rebecca on trial instead of Bois-Guilbert.

Albert Malvoisin is a manipulative and hypocritical liar, much like Beaumanoir's other counselor, Conrade Mont-Fitchet. (In fact, he and Mont-Fitchet seem to get along really well.) He does his best to fix Rebecca's trial so she'll be convicted. He produces false witnesses against her, which appear totally convincing to the crowd and to Beaumanoir. It's pretty incredible that Beaumanoir seems to trust the holiness and honor of this louse.

King Richard I is not taken in by Albert Malvoisin's appearance of truthfulness, though. When Richard arrives on the scene of Rebecca's trial by combat, he immediately has Albert Malvoisin arrested. Of all of the accomplices in the plots against Richard, the two Malvoisin brothers are the only ones who are actually executed. The fact that King Richard I decides Albert and Philip Malvoisin have to die for their crimes is proof of how awful they truly are.

Philip Malvoisin

Malvoisin is such a minor character that even Scott gets his first name wrong at one point (7.7), calling him Richard. (Scott clearly needed better proofreaders.) Philip Malvoisin is another bullying Norman, although we never actually lay eyes on him. He is frequently mentioned, along with Reginald Front-de-Boeuf, as worst example of cruel Norman knights in Yorkshire. When King Richard returns to England, he condemns both Philip and his brother Albert to death for treason. We know Philip is a bad guy, even if he's not a very memorable or distinctive individual. Check out the "Names" section under "Character Clues" to see the joke Scott is cracking with the name of this character.

Conrade Mont-Fitchet

A Knight Templar and Beaumanoir's manipulative assistant. Mont-Fichet knows exactly how to play on his master's pride and arrogance. When he first intercepts Prior Aymer's letter to Bois-Guilbert about Rebecca, Mont-Fitchet encourages Beaumanoir to blame Rebecca for Bois-Guilbert's womanizing. Conrade Mont-Fitchet is a lying snake, but Beaumanoir trusts him absolutely, which tells us something about Beaumanoir's poor ability to judge character.

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