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Ivanhoe Chapter 10

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Chapter 10

  • The epigraph for Chapter 10 is from the beginning of Act 2 of Christopher Marlowe's 1594 play, <em>The Jew of Malta</em>. The title character, a Jewish merchant named Barabas, has been forced by the Governor of Malta to give up his property. Barabas swears to destroy these Christian thieves.
  • The Disinherited Knight has only one servant, a man who also seems to be in disguise.
  • As soon as the Disinherited Knight finishes his meal, his servant announces the arrival of five men with armored horses at his tent.
  • These are the squires (attendants who help bear the weapons of their lords) of the five Norman knights he defeated that day.
  • According to the rules of honor, each person who lost to the Disinherited Knight at the tournament owes the Knight the armor and horse that he used in the fight.
  • The Disinherited Knight can either choose to keep these trophies or sell them back to his opponents.
  • Each squire has 100 coins to offer in ransom for his master's armor and horse.
  • The Disinherited Knight accepts the 100 coins ransom from the squires of Reginald Front-de-Boeuf, Philip de Malvoisin, Hugh de Grantmesnil, and Ralph de Vipont.
  • These four knights get to keep their honor and their armor.
  • But for Brian de Bois-Guilbert, the Disinherited Knight refuses to accept either ransom or armor.
  • The Disinherited Knight tells Bois-Guilbert's squire that their fight is not over yet, not until they have fought it out with swords in mortal combat.
  • The squires leave and the Disinherited Knight turns to his servant.
  • It's Gurth, the pig-herder!
  • Gurth is trying his best to imitate a Norman squire-at-arms, hence the disguise.
  • The Disinherited Knight sends Gurth with the money to repay Isaac of York for the loan of his armor and horse.
  • Meanwhile, in a Jewish home not far from Ashby and the tournament, Isaac and Rebecca are talking.
  • Isaac is furious because he's had to loan fifty zecchins (a kind of coin Scott seems to have made up) to Prince John.
  • Rebecca tries to soothe his temper, but he's still angry.
  • Isaac is also pretty sure that the Disinherited Knight is not going to repay his debt, since Isaac is a Jew.
  • Gurth appears after dark on his errand from the Disinherited Knight.
  • Isaac is thrilled, and he and Gurth start negotiating about how much the Disinherited Knight owes.
  • Gurth pays up Isaac's asking price, which turns out to be half of the amount the Disinherited Knight originally gave to Gurth.
  • Isaac is very pleased with the Disinherited Knight for his honesty.
  • Rebecca slips out of the room during Gurth and Isaac's conversation, but she catches up with Gurth as he leaves.
  • Rebecca hands Gurth a bag of coins to take to his master.
  • She wants to pay for his horse and armor out of her own pocket.

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