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Ivanhoe Chapter 19

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Chapter 19

  • This chapter's quote comes from Act III, Scene 1 of Orra: A Tragedy (1812), by Joanna Baillie (the same lady who wrote the lines at the beginning of Chapter 15). In this passage, an outlaw warns his friends that a group of armed men and a lady are about to pass their way. Ooh, it must be time for an ambush!
  • It's now late at night and Cedric, Athelstane, Rowena, and Co. enter the forest on their way home.
  • They come across Isaac and Rebecca in trouble.
  • Isaac hired six guards to accompany him to Doncaster, but his guards have all run away, taking their horses.
  • The guards heard news that a large party of outlaws was waiting for Isaac, and they didn't want to have to fight for him.
  • Isaac asks if they can travel with Cedric and Athelstane.
  • Athelstane is reluctant, but Rebecca begs Rowena to let them come along.
  • Rowena agrees, and Isaac and Rebecca join the Saxons.
  • In the hustle and bustle, Wamba leaves Gurth's ropes loose, and he slips away.
  • The outlaws soon attack, and the whole group is taken captive, except Wamba.
  • Wamba finds Gurth and explains what has happened.
  • Gurth and Wamba resolve to rescue Cedric.
  • Before they rush in, Locksley suddenly appears and asks what's going on.
  • Wamba explains that they've been attacked by people dressed like Locksley.
  • Locksley goes to spy on the outlaws who have taken Cedric & Co.
  • He finds out whom the outlaws are working for and returns to Wamba and Gurth with a promise to help rescue Cedric.
  • Locksley is eager to help because he is English, like Cedric. But he tells Wamba and Gurth not to ask him too many questions.

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