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Ivanhoe Chapter 33

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Chapter 33

  • The epigraph for this chapter is from Act I, Scene 6 of Shakespeare's play <em>Coriolanus. </em>The passage describes the work you have to do <em>after </em>you have defeated people in a battle.
  • Prior Aymer looks both frightened and angry.
  • Locksley assures him that he can go home as soon as he has paid a hefty ransom.
  • Prior Aymer is outraged: how dare they treat a man of the church this way?
  • Locksley points to the Friar, who is a fellow churchman.
  • The Friar jokes that it's time for the Prior to pay his tithes. (Tithes are usually amounts of money paid <em>to </em>the church, but this time the ransom will be paid <em>from </em>the church.)
  • Prior Aymer relaxes a little bit and starts trading jokes with the outlaws.
  • But he's still irritated. He asks how much he's going to have to pay for his freedom.
  • Locksley's second-in-command suggests that Prior Aymer and Isaac set the amounts for each other's ransom.
  • Isaac decides the Prior can pay 600 crowns without any trouble.
  • Prior Aymer is furious at this amount.
  • Isaac suggests that he loan Prior Aymer the money and Prior Aymer can pay him back with interest.
  • Locksley reminds Isaac that he will also have to pay his own ransom.
  • Isaac pleads poverty.
  • Prior Aymer sneers at Isaac for pretending to be poor.
  • Isaac is angry: people always treat the Jews well when they want to borrow money, but when the time comes to pay it back, they turn on them.
  • Locksley agrees and tells Prior Aymer to stop insulting Isaac.
  • Prior Aymer demands that Isaac pay a ransom of a thousand crowns.
  • Isaac complains that Prior Aymer is ruining his livelihood.
  • Isaac cries out Rebecca's name.
  • One of the outlaws mentions seeing Rebecca carried off by Bois-Guilbert.
  • Isaac is heartbroken.
  • Locksley decides they will only ask for 500 crowns ransom from Isaac.
  • Locksley will pay out an additional 100 crowns himself.
  • Isaac can use the rest of his money to ransom Rebecca.
  • Isaac is grateful to Locksley for his mercy.
  • Prior Aymer also says that he has a lot of influence on Bois-Guilbert.
  • He tells Isaac that his misfortunes are his own fault, since he doesn't accept Christianity.
  • Locksley pulls Isaac aside and tells him that Prior Aymer is vain and selfish, but that he could be helpful to Isaac.
  • Locksley knows that Isaac has a lot more money hidden in a strongbox in his garden at York.
  • Locksley also says he'll do his best to help Isaac.
  • Locksley owes Isaac a debt because once, when he was caught in York, Rebecca paid his bail and nursed him back to health.
  • Isaac recognizes Locksley as the outlaw Diccon Bend-the-Bow, who stayed in his house for a time.
  • Locksley tells Isaac to shut up and leave everything to him.
  • Locksley pulls Prior Aymer aside and tells him that Isaac will give him a hundred crowns of silver if he helps rescue Rebecca from Bois-Guilbert.
  • Prior Aymer also demands some riches for his monastery.
  • Isaac reluctantly agrees.
  • Locksley gives Prior Aymer his word that Isaac will pay him in good silver.
  • Prior Aymer writes a letter of safe conduct for Rebecca that he thinks Bois-Guilbert will honor if he is bribed enough.
  • Prior Aymer also writes Isaac an I.O.U. for the 600 crowns Isaac is loaning him for the ransom (including the 100 Locksley has offered Isaac, so that Isaac only has to pay out 500).
  • Locksley is happy to return Prior Aymer's attendants, horses, and mules, but the outlaws intend to keep their ornaments and money.
  • Prior Aymer protests that those are <em>sacred objects.</em>
  • The Friar says it's fine – he'll take them, since he is also a religious man.
  • Prior Aymer is enraged by the Friar's lack of respect.
  • But the Friar thinks it's a good thing that greedy churchmen are being taken down a peg or two.
  • The Prior rides off furiously.
  • Isaac writes a letter to his brother asking him to send 1,100 crowns for ransom.
  • Locksley gives Isaac some last advice: to throw as much money as he can at Bois-Guilbert.
  • Isaac departs.
  • The Black Knight compliments Locksley on his management skills among these outlaws.
  • The Black Knight and Locksley shake hands, and the Black Knight leaves.

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