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Ivanhoe Chapter 35

By Sir Walter Scott

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Chapter 35

  • Another "Anonymous" contribution from Sir Walter Scott himself, this chapter's epigraph is about the dangers of fanaticism. Scott reminds us that it's really dangerous to mess with people who are passionately devoted to a cause.
  • Now we go back to Isaac.
  • Isaac arrives at the house of the Rabbi Nathan Ben Israel, who looks after him for the evening.
  • The next day Isaac sets off to find Bois-Guilbert at the Templar community at Templestowe.
  • The rabbi warns Isaac that Lucas Beaumanoir, the head of the Knights Templar, is supposed to be there.
  • Beaumanoir hates Jews and is a vicious tyrant.
  • But Isaac has no choice. He tells Nathan about Rebecca's abduction.
  • Nathan advises Isaac to speak to Bois-Guilbert alone and to avoid Beaumanoir if he can.
  • We jump to the garden of the Templar community, where Lucas Beaumanoir is walking.
  • He's an old man but still very strong. He is clearly a fierce fanatic, prejudiced and ferocious. But he is also dedicated to discipline and to the honor of his order.
  • Beaumanoir tells his friend Conrade that he's worried about the decline of the Knights Templar.
  • Beaumanoir is disgusted by the bad behavior of the Templars in England; why, they're even worse than the ones in France!
  • He imagines the disappointment of the early Knights Templar in seeing what their Order has become.
  • Conrade advises Beaumanoir not to go overboard.
  • But Beaumanoir wants to reform the Knights Templar quickly and completely.
  • First things first, the Order has to give away all of its money.
  • As Beaumanoir is making his resolutions, a servant announces Isaac's arrival.
  • The servant tells Beaumanoir that Isaac is here to see Bois-Guilbert.
  • Beaumanoir suspects that Bois-Guilbert is not an honest Templar. He wants to know his business with Isaac.
  • Isaac kneels in front of Beaumanoir in complete terror.
  • Beaumanoir asks what Isaac's business is with Bois-Guilbert.
  • Isaac shows his letter from Prior Aymer to Bois-Guilbert.
  • In the letter, Prior Aymer says that he is in the hands of some outlaws.
  • He suggests that Bois-Guilbert ransom Rebecca, since they'll be able to get a ton of money out of Isaac.
  • Prior Aymer also warns Bois-Guilbert not to keep the girl around, because the head of his Order is coming from Normandy to check up on the English Templars.
  • He signs off by suggesting that they have a drink together.
  • This letter makes Beaumanoir furious.
  • He immediately jumps to the conclusion that Rebecca is a witch who has enchanted Bois-Guilbert.
  • When Isaac says that Rebecca was trained in medicine by a wise woman named Miriam, Beaumanoir screams that Miriam was burnt at the stake for witchcraft.
  • Beaumanoir kicks Isaac out of Templestowe and starts making arrangements to try Rebecca for sorcery.

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