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Ivanhoe Chapter 41

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Chapter 41

  • The epigraph for this chapter comes from Andrew Macdonald's opera <em>Love and Loyalty</em> (according to the notes in the 2005 Barnes and Noble Classics edition of <em>Ivanhoe</em>). The speaker sings of the merry life of people living freely in the forests.
  • Ivanhoe and Gurth come across the outlaws, King Richard (formerly known as the Black Knight), Robin Hood (formerly known as Locksley), and Wamba.
  • Ivanhoe is amazed to see these men with six or seven dead bodies lying around them.
  • King Richard says that everything is fine. All the men around him, including the outlaws, are true Englishmen.
  • He scolds Ivanhoe for being out of bed so soon.
  • Ivanhoe says he is perfectly fine. How could King Richard have left him behind, to travel unguarded through the forest?
  • King Richard is glad to have adventures, even if they are dangerous.
  • Ivanhoe points out that King Richard has a responsibility to his kingdom to stay safe.
  • King Richard reminds Ivanhoe that he has been staying in disguise to stall for extra time.
  • His allies need time to assemble their troops before Richard appears, so that Prince John's rebellion won't catch them unprepared.
  • King Richard asks Robin Hood if they have any food to share.
  • They do, but it's all deer meat that Robin Hood and his outlaws have stolen from the royal parks.
  • King Richard says he doesn't care about poaching, and they settle in for a feast.
  • Everyone is having a good time, but Robin Hood pulls Ivanhoe aside.
  • Robin Hood says there are a lot of pressing matters for King Richard to deal with. Should he be wasting time feasting in the forest?
  • Robin Hood decides they need to hurry King Richard along.
  • He sends one of his men in secret into the forest.
  • Robin Hood orders the man to play a Norman horn blast.
  • The outlaws think the Normans are gathering together and all leap to their feet.
  • Once King Richard has pulled on all of his armor and prepared to set off, Robin Hood kneels in front of him.
  • Robin Hood apologizes for the deception, but he <em>really </em>wants King Richard to stop delaying.
  • King Richard admits that Ivanhoe is also uneasy.
  • King Richard, Ivanhoe, Gurth, and Wamba all set off to Coningsburgh, the castle of the late Athelstane.
  • They arrive at the castle just as Athelstane's men are mourning his death.
  • The steward of the household escorts them inside.

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