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Ivanhoe Chapter 9

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Chapter 9

  • Chapter 9's epigraph comes from another John Dryden poem, "The Flower and the Leaf." In this passage Dryden describes a beautiful woman with the bearing of a queen. We're guessing from the poem that the main issue in this chapter will be who to name Queen of Beauty and Love for the tournament.
  • The two tournament referees congratulate the Disinherited Knight and ask him to remove his helmet.
  • He refuses.
  • They bring him to meet Prince John.
  • The Prince and his advisors try to guess the Disinherited Knight's identity.
  • Prince John suddenly wonders if it might be his long-lost brother returned from Austria!
  • Of course it's not – the Disinherited Knight is much too short, for one thing.
  • Prince John calms down and tells the Disinherited Knight that it's his job to name the Queen of the tournament.
  • Since the Disinherited Knight is a stranger to these parts, Prince John lets him know that the tournament queen has generally been Lady Alicia, daughter of his advisor, Waldemar Fitzurse.
  • He places a green crown on the tip of the Disinherited Knight's lance for the Knight to give to the queen.
  • The Disinherited Knight passes right by Alicia and begins riding around the tournament grounds.
  • During the Disinherited Knight's jousts, Cedric was practically leaning out of his seat with excitement.
  • Rowena has also been watching the Disinherited Knight closely.
  • Down in the lower stands, Rebecca and Isaac have also been watching the Disinherited Knight anxiously.
  • While Isaac is concerned about the Disinherited Knight, he is also worried about the hard use his borrowed armor is getting.
  • Finally the Disinherited Knight chooses his queen: Rowena.
  • The Normans seem a bit upset at this Saxon choice, but the people in the stands are overjoyed.
  • Because she has been chosen as the Queen of Beauty and Love, Prince John rides over to invite Rowena to dine with him and his knights at the Castle of Ashby that evening.
  • Rowena doesn't answer.
  • Cedric replies in Saxon that neither he, his daughter, nor his friend Athelstane speak Norman French. Because of this language problem, they must decline Prince John's invitation.
  • Prince John turns to the Disinherited Knight and assumes that he at least will attend their banquet.
  • The Disinherited Knight excuses himself: he is tired and needs to prepare for the next day.
  • Prince John is clearly annoyed, but he says they'll have a great feast without Rowena or the Disinherited Knight. So there!
  • Prince John notices the yeoman who insulted the Normans earlier in the day.
  • He almost arrests the guy, but he says he'll be participating in the archery tomorrow.
  • Prince John allows him a night of freedom, but he's going to be watching his archery performance closely the next day.
  • The first day of the tournament ends.

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