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Jacob Have I Loved Narrator Point of View

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Narrator Point of View

First Person (Central)

This is a story all about Sara Louise Bradshaw, so it's great that she's our narrator since it means we get access to all her innermost thoughts and feelings. This is especially cool because Louise doesn't often let out what she's feeling to those around her, but we're privy to all her issues and struggles, enjoying the inside scoop while her family is left feeling a little puzzled.

One of the neat things about a narrator who tells her own story is the chance to consider whether or not that person is giving us all the details. We see everything through Louise's eyes and we know exactly how she's feeling, but how close to reality is that? Louise hates her sister, but is Caroline ever really openly cruel to her? Or, is Louise perhaps a little biased? How would this story be different if one of the other characters was telling it? We'll let you mull that one over, Shmoopers.

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