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Jacob Have I Loved Chapter 11

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Chapter 11

  • The next morning, Louise and the Captain survey the damage. The village is pretty flooded, and Louise suggests taking her little boat to see how the Captain's house is doing.
  • It's not doing well—scratch that, the whole thing is gone; it was totally wiped out.
  • This is a terrible moment: Louise knows that the Captain has lost everything in the world. He doesn't look good.
  • Louise doesn't know what to do, so she throws her arms around him to hug him.
  • But then, she gets a funny feeling—something that a 14-year-old girl probably shouldn't be feeling for a 70-plus-year-old man—so she lets go. Geez, she must be going crazy.
  • Back at the house, Caroline is right there asking questions about what they saw. Back off a little, Caroline.
  • After Louise's father tells everyone they've been lucky not to lose too much during the storm, Caroline blurts out that the Captain's entire house is gone.
  • Louise's father insists that the Captain stay with them, but Grandma has other thoughts, mostly of the rude variety.
  • Mr. and Mrs. Bradshaw won't hear of it, though, so Grandma has to give up her room and stay with Louise and Caroline. Oh, this should be fun.

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