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Jacob Have I Loved Chapter 13

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Chapter 13

  • Caroline doesn't tell anyone about the lotion incident, which is good since Louise doesn't need people to know she's going crazy.
  • Being crazy is not so bad, though, Louise figures. Once she's grown up and her grandma and parents are dead, she can do whatever she wants. People never bother the crazies.
  • Anyway, it's coming time for Auntie Braxton to come home, so the Captain is going to need to move out of her house.
  • Louise's parents suggest he move back in with them, but Grandma is not having it—she's convinced the Captain is trying to seduce her. Sure, Grandma.
  • Later, Caroline suggests a solution to the Captain's problem: the Captain should marry Auntie Braxton. Then, he would have a place to live, and she would have someone to take care of her now that she's sick and old.
  • Louise is not a fan of this idea. It's insane, plus she's in love with the Captain and he just can't marry someone else. Now, who's the crazy one?
  • She begs Caroline not to bring this up to the Captain but, of course, she does anyway. The three of them—Caroline, Louise, and Call—all go visit and lay out the plan.
  • Sure enough, the next day, the Captain takes the ferry to Crisfield and comes back with Auntie Braxton, whom he introduces to everyone as his new wife.
  • Louise can hardly take it: Caroline has ruined yet another thing for her.

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