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Jacob Have I Loved Chapter 19

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Chapter 19

  • In the spring, Louise is accepted on a scholarship to the University of Maryland. She leaves right away to start classes and get a job in College Park.
  • After about two years in school, her adviser lets her know that she's probably not going to be accepted to medical school. Louise is told she should switch to nursing since even smart girls like her don't get into medical school. Ugh.
  • So, Louise transfers to the University of Kentucky and switches to nursing. She figures that after she has some money and experience, she can persuade someone to let her into medical school.
  • As she's getting ready for graduation, Louise sees a list of Appalachian communities that need nurse-midwives, and she decides to move to a town called Truitt because Truitt is her father's name.
  • They have mountains galore in Truitt, but things are oddly similar to how they were on Rass Island—the little town is closed off and everyone knows everyone.
  • Louise provides medical attention for the people in the valley, and one day, she meets a man named Joseph Wojtkiewicz while caring for his son's ear infection.
  • After she treats the boy, Joseph makes her a cup of coffee and asks her about herself and where she grew up. After he hears the story of Rass Island, he tells Louise that God has meant for her to come to this valley since the day she was born.
  • Of course, Louise knows that couldn't be right—she's always assumed that God only had plans for Caroline, never her.
  • But then, Joseph smiles at her, and she's completely charmed, and maybe even a little convinced about the whole God's-plan thing.
  • Joseph is Polish and Catholic and has three kids, but Louise knows she's going to marry him. He reminds her of her father—he's the kind of man who would sing to oysters.

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