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Jacob Have I Loved Chapter 4

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Chapter 4

  • Louise is sitting at home one afternoon with her grandmother, trying to read, though Grandma is being rather annoying and passive-aggressive.
  • She keeps asking Louise questions and then telling her not to be sassy. Grandma, it's pretty tough not to sass when you're being so darn mean.
  • Finally, Grandma tells Louise to go down to the ferry to meet her mother, who will have lots of heavy groceries she'll need help carrying. Everyone knows Caroline can't haul anything heavy.
  • Down at the dock, Louise meets her mother, father, and Caroline.
  • They also see a stranger. An old man gets off the boat with tons of luggage. Who is this mysterious dude?
  • On the way home, Caroline tells all kinds of stories to her mother and Louise about her time on the mainland. And also carries no groceries. Seriously, Caroline? Not even a single bag?
  • The women notice the old man walking past them. He heads right to the end of the path they're on, to an old, abandoned house.
  • Who the heck is this guy?

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