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Jacob Have I Loved Chapter 7

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Chapter 7

  • Call and Louise haven't visited the Captain much together, though Call goes by himself sometimes. One afternoon, Louise suggests they head over to see the Captain together.
  • Call doesn't seem too jazzed about the idea—it looks like he wants the Captain all to himself—but he finally agrees to the visit.
  • When they arrive, Call immediately starts cracking up at a bunch of the Captain's very, very unfunny jokes. Louise just does not get it.
  • Call also offers to help the Captain repair his house. For two hours a day. All summer. Louise isn't thrilled, but she agrees to help out anyway.
  • Of course, the Captain doesn't have any problem ordering them around while they're working. He even cuts out their daily tea break because it's getting too expensive. Seriously, Captain?
  • All in all, the whole summer is a mess. Louise finally gets her period (a year after Caroline did), right before church one morning. Her mother has to let her stay home sick, and her grandmother keeps needling her about it.
  • Honestly, can anything else go wrong?

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