Study Guide

Jacob Have I Loved Home

By Katherine Paterson

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Home is where the heart is—and in Louise's case in Jacob Have I Loved, it's also where her crazy family and oppressive social life are. Good times. Louise has a love/hate relationship with her home on Rass Island. Growing up, she hates the place and wants to get away, but eventually she clings to Rass and all the horrible things about it just so she can keep holding onto her anger and bitterness. In the end, Louise settles in a new city that reminds her a whole lot of her hometown. Hey, you can take the girl out of the island, but you can never take the island out of the girl.

Questions About Home

  1. Why do you think the Captain decides to come home after so many years away?
  2. Do you think Louise needs to move to a new place that's like Rass Island? How would she fare in a big city like New York?
  3. Why does Louise's mom decide to call Rass Island home?

Chew on This

Louise and the Captain both learn to appreciate home by leaving it.

Caroline probably misses Rass Island just as much as Louise does. After all, she could have had her pick of NYC sailors, but she chooses a hometown boy instead.

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