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Jane Eyre Volume 3, Chapter 12

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Volume 3, Chapter 12

  • Jane and Rochester have a quiet wedding; the servants are surprised, but they approve.
  • Jane tells the Rivers siblings about her wedding; St. John doesn’t write to her for six months.
  • Adèle goes to one boarding school and then another because Jane doesn’t have time to teach her; the English schools seem to take the French-ness out of her and she becomes less frivolous.
  • Jane and Rochester live happily ever after; the Jane telling the story has been married to Mr. Rochester for ten years.
  • Rochester gets his sight back after two years of marriage.
  • Jane and Rochester have a son.
  • Diana and Mary Rivers each get married.
  • St. John Rivers goes to India alone and works himself to death there. The novel ends with a quotation from one of his letters in which he anticipates his own death.

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