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Jazz Food

By Toni Morrison

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You know what's sexy? Barbeque. And popcorn. And candy. No, we're not being freaky over here, we're teaching you about jazz-age innuendo.

No really: When you hear a food reference in an old jazz song, you better believe that it's talking about knockin' boots. Alice knows this, and Alice is about the prudiest prude we can imagine. Check it out:

Wondering at this totally silent night, she can go back to bed, but as soon as she turns the pillow to the smoother, cooler side a melody line she doesn't remember where from sings itself, loud and unsolicited, in her head. "When I was young and in my prime, I could get my barbeque any old time." (3.15)

The last time we checked, anyone could get barbeque at any ageā€¦ unless of course barbeque means male attention.

Don't believe us? We're not the only ones who are equating references to tasty treats with, um, other sorts of tasty treats. Check this out.

So when you hear a reference to food in Jazz that sounds like it might maybe be about something other than just food, remember that Jazz is based on jazz music. And jazz music was all about food representing sexytimes.

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