Study Guide

Strange Case of Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde Chapter 2

By Robert Louis Stevenson

Chapter 2

  • Mr. Utterson goes home, and instead of his usual evening routine, he goes to a safe and takes out a set of documents.
  • The documents decree that if Dr. Jekyll is to die or disappear in any way, his entire estate is to be passed over to Mr. Hyde.
  • Mr. Utterson seems to think that something is rotten in the estate of Dr. Jekyll.
  • In lieu of further solitary pondering, he decides to go hang out with his good friend, Dr. Lanyon.
  • Turns out Dr. Jekyll, Dr. Lanyon, and Mr. Utterson were once good friends.
  • It also turns out that Dr. Lanyon and Dr. Jekyll have had a huge argument about science.
  • Mr. Utterson asks if Dr. Lanyon has heard of Mr. Hyde. The answer is no.
  • That night, Mr. Utterson can’t sleep. He dreams crazy dreams about Mr. Hyde and speculates about the evil man’s hold over Dr. Jekyll.
  • Mr. Utterson basically starts stalking the door to Black Mail House in an effort to catch Mr. Hyde.
  • The two finally meet, and Mr. Utterson is totally repulsed by Mr. Hyde’s terrible manners and appearance.
  • Mr. Utterson goes directly to Dr. Jekyll’s house and asks to see his friend. Dr. Jekyll is not home.
  • Mr. Utterson gossips with the butler about Mr. Hyde, and discovers that all the servants have orders to obey this mysterious, evil man.
  • Mr. Utterson goes home pretty sad and distraught and afraid for his friend, because nothing is worse than being potentially blackmailed by a horrible man who oozes evil out of his pores.