Study Guide

Strange Case of Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde Chapter 4

By Robert Louis Stevenson

Chapter 4

  • Almost a year later, everyone in London is shocked by a terrible crime.
  • A maid saw everything. Her testimony ran as follows:
  • She was sitting in her window and saw a sweet and gentle and kind old gentleman asking a young man for directions.
  • She recognized the young man as Mr. Hyde.
  • Suddenly, Mr. Hyde beat the old gentleman to death.
  • The maid fainted.
  • Hours later, she finally called the police.
  • The old man has a letter on him addressed to Mr. Utterson.
  • Mr. Utterson (who seems to be everybody’s lawyer) accompanies a police officer to the crime scene.
  • He recognizes the body as Sir Danvers Carew and the broken walking stick (read: murder weapon) as one that he had given to Dr. Jekyll some years before.
  • Mr. Utterson offers to take the police officers to Dr. Jekyll’s house, where they poke through everything but are unable to find Mr. Hyde.