Study Guide

Strange Case of Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde Chapter 6

By Robert Louis Stevenson

Chapter 6

  • Despite a massive manhunt, Mr. Hyde is nowhere to be found.
  • Dr. Jekyll becomes well and happy, throwing dinner parties and engaging in charitable works.
  • Mr. Utterson dines with Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Lanyon on the 8th of the month and all is well, but on the 12th, 14th, and 15th he is denied admittance to the doctor’s house, on the grounds that Dr. Jekyll is ill.
  • Mr. Utterson calls on Mr. Lanyon, who looks near death. So both Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Lanyon are ill.
  • Mr. Lanyon claims that his friendship with Dr. Jekyll is over.
  • Mr. Utterson writes to Dr. Jekyll, who replies with a similar message.
  • A week later, Mr. Lanyon, confined to his bed, dies.
  • In the spirit of the novel and its mysterious documents, Mr. Lanyon left Mr. Utterson with an envelope before he died.
  • Upon opening it, Mr. Utterson finds… yet another envelope. This one is not to be opened until the death or disappearance of Dr. Jekyll.
  • Mr. Utterson is totally tempted to open up this mysterious envelope, but he resists.
  • Mr. Utterson longs for the company of his old friend, Dr. Jekyll, but on every visit the servants say that Dr. Jekyll has shut himself up in his laboratory.
  • Mr. Utterson finally begins to suspect that Dr. Jekyll himself has engaged in some evil doings.