Study Guide

Strange Case of Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde Chapter 8

By Robert Louis Stevenson

Chapter 8

  • Dr. Jekyll’s manservant, named Poole, shows up at Mr. Utterson’s door, convinced that something terrible has befallen his master.
  • He convinces Mr. Utterson to accompany him back to Dr. Jekyll’s house.
  • They arrive at the house, where all the servants are collectively freaking out.
  • Poole announces Mr. Utterson’s presence. Dr. Jekyll refuses to see his old friend. Same old song and dance.
  • Based on the voice coming from behind the door, Poole is convinced that the man in the room is not Dr. Jekyll.
  • Poole and Mr. Utterson chat about the events of the past week. Dr. Jekyll, or whoever is inhabiting the room in the laboratory, has been issuing chemical orders via slips of paper. He hasn’t been able to obtain whatever it is that he’s looking for.
  • Poole is convinced that the man inside the room is really Mr. Hyde.
  • Using an axe and a kitchen poker, Poole and Mr. Utterson break into the room.
  • Inside the room, everything is very neat and clean and in perfect order. Except for the body of a man lying on the floor and "twitching."
  • It’s Mr. Hyde. He has committed suicide.
  • The two men search the area, looking for Dr. Jekyll.
  • Mr. Utterson finds a will naming him as the heir to Dr. Jekyll’s estate.
  • Mr. Utterson, in a seemingly endless tirade of paper discovery, finds yet two more documents. The first instructs him to read Dr. Lanyon’s narrative, and the second is a narrative written by Dr. Jekyll.