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The Jew of Malta Act 3, Scene 2

By Christopher Marlowe

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Act 3, Scene 2

  • Mathias and Lodowick, who have by now both been tricked by Barabas and Ithamore into setting up a duel, meet in the street.
  • Barabas looks on from above, cheering for them both in turn.
  • Both guys fall dead.Renaissance-era literary duelists have a knack for managing to kill each other in perfect synchronization.
  • Barabas sneaks away, and Ferneze and Katharine rush out of one of the nearby buildings.
  • After going through the back-and-forth of Your Son Killed My Son! No, Your Son Killed My Son!, the two wonder how the two men, who had previously been really tight, became such terrible enemies.
  • They leave the scene with the bodies of their sons, agreeing to find out what turned Lodowick and Mathias against each other.

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