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The Jew of Malta Act 3, Scene 5

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Act 3, Scene 5

  • Ferneze, his Maltese posse, and Bosco (the Spanish navy guy who's going to save Malta's bacon) are having a powwow with Callapine and his Turkish posse.
  • Most awkward garden party ever.
  • Ferneze's time is out, and Callapine is looking for him to pay up on the deal they made in Act 1, Scene 2.
  • Ferneze doesn't beat around the bush. He tells Callapine that they'd rather set their city on fire than give the Turks money.
  • Don't worry, buddy, you won't have to—Callapine and his Turkish army are more than willing to do the heavy lifting on your Raze the Walls of Malta plan.
  • They both seem happy with this state of affairs, and bid each other goodbye.
  • Ferneze gets to work on locking down Malta against the imminent Turkish assault.

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