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The Jew of Malta Act 4, Scene 2

By Christopher Marlowe

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Act 4, Scene 2

  • Pilia-Borza is telling Bellamira that he's given Ithamore her letter.
  • Where was Ithamore? At Jacomo's execution. Hm, looks like Jacomo was successfully framed—and hanged—for Bernadine's murder.
  • In the letter, Bellamira tells Ithamore that she's loved him since she first saw him (which is good news, because they haven't officially met yet) and that he should come over to her house.
  • Neither Pilia-Borza nor Bellamira care at all about Ithamore, but want to use him to get to Barabas's money.
  • Ithamore is pretty awestruck by her, and doesn't know why she'd be into him.
  • He comes into the house, and Bellamira and Pilia-Borza act super nice to him.
  • Ithamore thinks these people are messing with him, but Bellamira keeps up her whole "Ithamore, I love you, for real babe" act until he resolves to get at Barabas's wealth so that he can be a rich gentleman who's worthy of her.
  • Ithamore, with Pilia-Borza's help, drafts a letter to Barabas demanding 300 crowns and threatening to reveal Barabas's crimes if he doesn't pay up.
  • Pilia-Borza runs the letter to Barabas, who laughs in his face and sends him back with pocket-change.
  • Ithamore, getting used to the good life with Bellamira (who showers him with clothes, affection and food), is ticked off at Barabas, and writes a second letter demanding even more money, this time threatening Barabas's life.

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