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The Jew of Malta Act 4, Scene 3

By Christopher Marlowe

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Act 4, Scene 3

  • Barabas is venting about the audacity of Ithamore's first letter when Pilia-Borza returns, bearing the second letter, this time demanding 500 crowns.
  • Barabas is, predictably, not happy about this turn of events.
  • Obviously he wants to kill Pilia-Borza, but he holds off for the meantime. And he makes it clear that he knows Pilia-Borza has stolen from him before.
  • Pilia-Borza doesn't care, though, because he has enough information to get Barabas executed.
  • Barabas figures out that Ithamore has betrayed him, and grudgingly gives Pilia-Borza the money.
  • Pilia-Borza leaves, with Barabas fuming about how he's going to kill Pilia-Borza and Ithamore.
  • He plans to show up at Bellamira's house (where Ithamore is staying) in disguise.

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