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Mr. Scout in Joseph Andrews

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Mr. Scout

Lawyering Up

Mr. Scout is the kind of lawyer who would put Saul Goodman to shame. We don't put that lightly, either—Scout is all too happy to bend to Lady Booby's will: "The utmost that was in the power of a lawyer, was to prevent the law's taking effect; and that he himself could do for her ladyship as well as any other […]" (4.3.1). Yeah, this dude is corrupt with a capital K. Scout immediately comes up with a scheme to throw Fanny and Joseph in jail, even though the crime they supposedly commit is miniscule.

Mr. Booby is totally shocked that such corruption exists: "Would you commit two persons to Bridewell for a twig?" (4.5.3). Scout is totally proud of his dastardly scheme, which tells you a lot about how far he's willing to go. It's not unusual for Lady Booby to try to manipulate everyone around her, but Scout doesn't have a problem sacrificing innocent people for the lady's approval. This dude should be disbarred.

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