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Joseph Andrews Book 1, Chapters 11-13

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Book 1, Chapters 11-13

  • It's all hunky-dory, because Joseph's decided to set out to see his childhood sweetheart. That'd be Fanny Goodwill, who lives back at Sir Thomas's country house.
  • Adams told Joseph and Fanny to hold off on marrying until they were a bit older, even though they were totally in love.
  • Weirdly enough, Joseph and Fanny haven't stayed in touch since Joseph headed off to London. Well, okay, that's because Fanny can't read or write.
  • Still, Joseph is dead set on surprising Fanny. As he's gallivanting along the road, a surprise hailstorm forces him to hole up in an inn for a while. The owner of the inn is a dude named "plain Tim."
  • Once the storm passes over, Joseph hits the road.
  • Joseph only makes it about two miles before being accosted by some dastardly dudes. Obviously, they're out for Joseph's money.
  • Unfortunately for Joseph, they're also after his clothes.
  • When Joseph mouths off to the ruffians, they beat him up and leave him naked in a ditch by the road.
  • Just when Joseph is about to lose hope, a stagecoach comes by. None of the fancy-schmancy occupants are interested in helping him out.
  • … That is, until a lawyer in the coach points out that ignoring this naked dude in the ditch could get everyone in some real legal trouble. Gotta love a lawyer.
  • The ruffians are still hiding out, waiting for some richer folks to come around so they can rob them. They take everyone's money, but Joseph's got nothing more to give.
  • Even though the crew in the coach makes some jokes at Joseph's expense, they end up taking him to an inn to get fixed up.
  • A kind maid, Betty, makes up a bed for Joseph while the innkeeper, Mr. Tow-wouse, gets him a shirt to wear. He's naked, remember?
  • Mrs. Tow-wouse, the innkeeper's wife, is none too pleased with this development. She plans to give Betty a stern scolding about her kindness.
  • A surgeon's been sent for to put Joseph back together again.
  • The surgeon is totally convinced that Joseph is going to die. So much for optimism.
  • Mr. Tow-wouse sends for a clergyman, Mr. Barnabus, to give Joseph his last rites.
  • Mr. Barnabus is much more interested in lecturing everyone about religion.
  • Joseph wants to write a letter to Fanny, even if he is dying. He's going to explain everything and say goodbye. Poor guy.
  • After writing to Fanny, Joseph pens one last letter to "adorable Pamela," his beloved sister. Looks like he's really planning to peace out.
  • Even though Mrs. Tow-wouse refuses to bring Joseph tea, Betty takes pity on him and brings him a nice cuppa.

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