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Joseph Andrews Book 1, Chapters 14-15

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Book 1, Chapters 14-15

  • By the time dusk rolls around, an anonymous stranger arrives at the inn and expresses anxiety on behalf of Joseph. Finally.
  • Before the stranger can reveal his identity, a great hubbub arises. One of the thieves has been nabbed.
  • Joseph begs Betty to see if the thief has a little piece of broken gold with a ribbon tied to it. It's a memento from Fanny, obvi.
  • Betty's pretty cool about obliging this odd request.
  • Yup, the broken piece of gold has turned up, along with all of Joseph's clothes. The "stranger" turns out to totally be Parson Adams, who recognizes Joseph's clothes. A little weird, perhaps?
  • Once Betty confides in Mrs. Tow-wouse that Joseph appears to be a great man, Mrs. Tow-wouse gets a little nicer.
  • To answer the question on everyone's minds, Adams is randomly at the inn because he's on his way to London. Turns out he's planning to publish a bunch of his sermons.
  • However, Joseph comes first. Adams resolves to stay behind until his dearest friend is all better.
  • This might actually not take that long, because Joseph appears to be recovering on the double. What was that about dying, again?
  • Let's not forget about the thief. Barnabus and the surgeon spend a whole lot of time debating about how to bring him to justice: do they need Joseph's piece of gold to prove he's a thief?
  • See, there isn't a lawyer around these parts; this is why Barnabus and the surgeon spend so much time bickering about what to do.
  • It's time for a totally unpredictable turn. The narrator spends a good long time delivering a speech about how bad vanity is. This is solely to make a short chapter longer, the narrator tells us.

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