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Joseph Andrews Book 1, Chapters 5-7

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Book 1, Chapters 5-7

  • Sir Thomas isn't long for this world. He dies suddenly, allowing Lady Booby the freedom to pursue Joseph.
  • In fact, Lady Booby has the perfect plan to make Joseph hers. She calls him to her bedchamber while she's totally buck naked underneath the sheets. That's way more scandalous than holding hands.
  • Yeah, well, Joseph isn't tempted at all, it seems. He says he would never do anything wicked, and after all, he sees Lady Booby more as a mother figure. Burn.
  • Seeking advice, Joseph writes a heartfelt letter to his sister, Pamela. The only reason he knows anything is up with Lady Booby is that he once saw how a woman acted towards her sweetheart during a play in Covent Garden.
  • Joseph's pretty sure he's going to be discharged soon, but he's not too worried. Then he can go back to his master's old country house and see Parson Adams again.
  • After mailing the letter, Joseph runs into Mrs. Slipslop. She's also lusting for Joseph, despite the fact that she's twice as old as him. What is it about this guy?
  • Mrs. Slipslop makes a move on Joseph, but he rejects her.
  • Slipslop's mad, to say the least. She goes straight to Lady Booby and makes up all sorts of nasty stories about Joseph's character. A woman scorned, right?
  • In fact, Slipslop even tells Lady Booby that he got her chambermaid, Betty, pregnant. Lady Booby is furious.

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